Use Recommendations

Please refer to the label before using Luna Sensation. 


Powdery mildew (Erysiphe necator).


150 mL/ha

Water Rate

Use 250 - 500 litres of water per hectare. Ensure complete coverage is achieved.

Spray Timing

Apply from immediately prior to flowering through to 80% capfall.
NEW UPDATE 2016 - For best resistance management practice - only apply one Luna Sensation application per season. Do not apply consecutive applications of Luna Sensation. See Resistance Management and Spray Programmes pages for further information.


The following mixes are compatible and crop safe when using Luna Sensation on grapes:

Luna Sensation + Movento 100SC
Luna Sensation + Movento 100SC + mancozeb
Luna Sensation + Mortar + mancozeb
Luna Sensation + Teldor
Luna Sensation + Scala + Gem
Luna Sensation + Scala + Gem + Du-Wett
Luna Sensation + Switch
Luna Sensation + BM86
Luna Sensation + Sulphur

Do NOT mix Luna Sensation with copper formulations. 

Number of Applications

Label allows 2 applications per season. NEW RECOMMENDATIONS 2016 – only apply one application of Luna Sensation per season.

Withholding Period

Do not apply after 80% capfall.


None required.

Pack Size

1 litre plastic bottle. Agrecovery compatible.


Luna Sensation is rainfast once fully dry on the plant.

Residue Profile

When used as directed, Luna Sensation will leave nil-detectable residues at harvest.