The Importance of Controlling Powdery Mildew in Grapes

Powdery mildew is a common and increasingly problematic disease for grape growers in New Zealand. While being unsightly, its major impact is financial. Powdery mildew infections of bunches can severely impact quality causing reduced berry size, delaying maturity and result in splitting. Powdery mildew infected grapes can result in off flavours in wine and are usually downgraded at the winery, resulting in a financial penalty to the grower.

For these reasons growers are very keen to control and eliminate the presence of powdery mildew in their vineyards.  Alongside cultural practices, a seasonal spray programme is required. Now with Luna Sensation, growers have a new highly effective tool to incorporate into their powdery mildew programmes.

The below photos are from a 2013/14 Hawkes Bay trial. The photo on the left shows untreated grapes while the photo on the right has been treated with Luna Sensation.